Beware of Online Marketing Campaigns that..

At setxDigital, we are constantly cleaning up after other “online marketers” that sell our clients campaigns and packages that truly do not meet our clients needs, or sometimes can even be detrimental to their business!

Here is a list of things to be on alert for, and to read between the lines for, when placing your business into the promotional hands of an online marketing company.

1. NEVER purchase a website or online advertising package that uses a separate phone number or a domain other than your original Business owned phone number and domain name!!

There are several website / online marketing companies that sell a website package (that you “lease”) that will include a “new” phone number for  your business, that will be used in tracking calls that are generated from leads from this website or package. The problem we run into for our own clients, is that by the time a business owner decides this does not work for them, this new phone number or domain name is posted all over the Internet, surpassing the amount of results for their true domain name and phone number. Once a business owner decides they want to cancel a contract, the amount of cleanup and extractions of incorrect contact information at is showing for them on the web,is a time consuming task. Also, we find that some of these companies use this tactic to keep you “locked in”. If you ever decide to cancel your contract, be aware that some fo these companies will resell this “new” phone number and “new” domain name to one of your local competitors. Not a good thing, because your current customers will believe they are calling you, but will reach a competitor instead!

2. Never give an online marketing company your ftp information, unless the marketing company is also your loyal webmaster or doubles as your hosting company.

3. Never provide your online marketing company your email password, your domain registration account info, unless the marketing company is also your loyal webmaster or doubles as your hosting company. !

4. Never provide a credit card that can be used in a system where you do not have the ability to self manage how much can be deducted each month, or to set a limit for an amount to be debited each month, unless the marketing company is also your loyal webmaster or doubles as your hosting company.

We are not saying that you should be wary of  online marketing companies, we are just saying that you need to read between the lines, read every work on a contract, and always stay in the drivers seat where your business is concerned. Always have full access and control of your email addresses , website domain names,  and full rights to all of the content that is posted online for your business! If you don’t have access or access to the control, you could lose it!

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